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Masah on different types of socks.

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Question: I understand that it is permissible to perform Masah on THICK SOCKS (Jawrbeen) in the Hanafi madhab and Fuqaha have stipulated the conditions for thickness to be: 1. It stays up for itself on the feet. 2. A person can walk with these socks (alone) to a distance of three miles without the socks… read more »

Marriage In The Sight of Allaah

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Question:salaamz Mufti saab i would like to know if there is anything such as a marriage in the sight of Allah? this means with there being no witnesses nor wali jus a guy and girl alone, guy asks girl to marry him and girl says yes. Is a contract like this even valid in Islam?… read more »

Imams accepting weak ahadith.

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Q. Did the imams of the 4 madhabs accept weak hadith for their fiqh with some conditions? A. Generally all scholars have accepted weak ahadith, even Imam Bukhari has accepted weak hadith and recorded them in his book ‘Al Adab Al Mufrad’. However, these traditions are accepted with strict conditions which make them acceptable to… read more »

Shaving head during Hajj and Umrah

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Question: 1.Few people say that if the length of hair is more than (1/3) of finger then only trimming is allowed and valid and few say length is irrelevant and it should be removed from all over head. Which is correct? 2.Is trimmer setting at Zero considered as razor? 3. I did Umrah and removed… read more »


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QUESTION: As Salaamu Alaikum. During Hajj, our group did not perform tawaful ifadah until the 15th of Zull Hijjah. We read in the Hajj book that according to Hanafi, tawaful ifadah must be done before sunset of 12th day otherwise Dam must be done. We spoke to the group leader and he got some fatwa… read more »


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Question: As Salaamu Alaikum I belong to a MUSLIM COMMUNITY, where they have two statements according to men awrah first knee, navel and half thigh is not in awrah in daily routine life, but it’s necessary to cover the whole body during salat and ebadats second is sleeping and working naked when men are alone… read more »


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QUESTION:  As Salaamu Alaikum, My question is about the Witr Salaat in Ramadan. I am a Follower of the Hanafi Fiqh/madhab. I know that you get very much reward if you join the witr Jamaat in Ramadan but I pray it most time alone after 8 Rakaat of Tahajjud/Salat ul layl because it’s too a Sunnah… read more »