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Performing nikah upon accepting Islam.

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Q. If a couple that is already married (be it Hindu, or Christian rights) and reverted to Islam, should they perform the nikkah? From logical thinking I thought they should, as they would have joined in a period of their life that incorporated shirk. My question is should such individuals have to perform the nikkah?… read more »

Brief Biography of Ibn Hazm

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Question: Who is the famous ‘alim Ibn Hazam, I read several contradictory opinions concerning him, young people it is the confusion with his readings that we advise you, Is it advisable for non scholar (layman,non qualified person) to read Ibn hazam’s book? ANSWER: As Salaam Alaikum, Ibn Hazm was great scholar of Cordoba (Spain) during… read more »

The Right Of The ‘Rahn’ In A Debt

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Question: As Salaamu alaikum, An individual wanted to know if it was permissible for them to lend their car to another person to use in exchange for that person lending them money on the condition that when they paid the money back they would get their car back. They also wanted to know if the car… read more »

I divorce you 5 times…

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Comments: Assalaamu ‘alaikum I have a question about a situation with a brother and sister and it requires professional Islamic knowledge. Please assist if you can quickly InshaAllah! Its urgent A brother told his wife out of frustration and being so drunk – I divorce you 5 times… and when he caught himself, he realised… read more »

Viewing the face of a deceased person

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Question Concerning the viewing of the mayyit by anyone who wishes, is it haram? Did mahram and ghair mahram see the prophet when he died? Can we say since this happened it is permissible? Answer The laws regarding not looking at a ghair Mahram is equal to ‘when one is alive’ and ‘when one has… read more »