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Irregular bleeding because of IUD

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Assalam Alaycum  My wife has IUD, her menses are very irreguler she often noticed spotting can she pray namaz and keep fast in this situation? When menses start it lasting over ten days before IUD that usual was last for only five to six days. Please advice us in this situation when is it… read more »

Husband demanding an Intimate video call

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AslmlykmRespected mufti  Question : If a couple are countries apart due to work every 8 – 10 weeks for a duration of  20-30 days (apart) (habit of having relations every 2 to 3 days when together) While the husband is away he wants to view the wife while changing and being nude over a… read more »

Haidh query

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Assalamualaikum  A women has yellow discharge daily , when shes menstruating on the 6/7th day bleeding stops and yellow discharge starts, will she count this as part of menses or not? If she was to count as part of menses she would  be on menses all the time   Secondly I understand… read more »

Lost Count of Menstrual Cycle

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As-salam عaleykoum wa rahmatulLahi wa barakatuhu. What should a woman do if she is completely lost as to her menstrual cycle ? The woman doesn’t know the duration of her haydh or the duration between two haydhs. Answer In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. As-salāmu ‘alaykum… read more »