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Giving zakaat for previous years

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Q: My father saves enough money and my mother has jewellery. I know the nisaab for savings, gold and silver. As per the criteria, Zakat is wajib on my parents. Till now, in their entire life they didn’t pay zakat. They did toubah (repented) for not paying it. Now how do they pay zakah for… read more »

Zakat for selling websites

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Assalaamu Alaykum Wa rahmatullah    I run a business by selling websites. I pay a developer to make a site for me and then I list it for sale. My question is that do I have to pay any zakaat on it as it is intangible stock in trade…   … read more »

Is fiat currency recognized in Shari’ah?

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I am emailing regarding the permisibillity of fiat money in the sharia which is reportedly the modern majority currency. Some reportedly say that it is haram as it has no intrinsic value and is based by riba-based transactions and that the only valid currency is Sunnah and Quran currency.mainly gold.dinar and silver dirham. what… read more »

Zakaah on jewellery kept for daughters

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My wife has 550grams of gold in the form of jewellery. All of the jewellery is not in her use. She uses only some of the selected ornaments, and for about rest of ornaments, she has strong intend to reseve for our daughters. My question is that, either we have to pay Zakat on all… read more »

Zakat while in debt

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I bought a house for £145,000 £15,000 was lent by my mother£50,000 was lent by my fatherI paid £23,000 towards itI took a loan out for the remainder £57,000 Question: My mother has a total of £30,000, if she lent me £15,000 from this 3 weeks before her zakat due date, how does she… read more »

Zakaat on rental property.

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Asalamualaikum,   I own a property which is used for rental purposes only and provides an income each week (currently). Do i need to pay Zakaat on this and if so, how should I calculate it?   jazakhalah khair Answer In principle, if a person possesses a… read more »

Zakat on student grants

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So my tuition fee is 9k a year, right now I’m in 27k of debt. The terms of the student Loans are as follows:   – I only repay the loan once I start earning 21k or higher in employment (so I’ll start repaying as soon as I leave uni) –… read more »