gold and silver

This answer was collected from HanbaliDisciples.com. The questions have been answered by Imam John Starling.

What rings are women permitted to wear?

Answered by TheMufti.com

Q. Respected Mufti Saheb, Kindly advise if women are allowed to wear 9 carat gold, silver or platinum rings? Moreover, are they allowed to wear imitation jewellery rings? Shukran Was Salaam A. A woman may wear rings made of gold and silver only. Rings made from other metals apart from gold and silver are not… read more »

Ruling on exchanging gold jewelry

Answered by TheMufti.com

Q. When I go for Umrah to Makkah, I take my gold and exchange it for gold at the jewellery shops. If I exchange my gold chain that weights 100 grams for a gold ring and gold bangle that weights 150 grams, is this correct Islamically? A. In terms of Shariah, if one is exchanging… read more »

Are women allowed to wear imitation rings?

Answered by TheMufti.com

Q. Are women allowed to wear imitation rings? A. It is permissible for women to wear gold and silver rings only. Hence, it is not permissible for women to wear rings made from other metals or plastic. (Shaami 6/360) Since ‘imitation rings’ are not made from real gold or silver, it is not permissible for… read more »

Zakaat On Loans, Gold And Silver

Answered by DarulUloomTT.net

Question:   1.What is the Shariah ruling with respect to a loaner, who has loaned a certain amount of money, would he have to pay zakat on the total sum that is loaned or only on the amount that he receives from the debtor annually? What is the Nisaab for Zakaah (pres. currency) Nisaab of gold… read more »

Men wearing gold and silver.

Answered by DarulUloomTT.net

Question: Why are muslim men not allowed to wear gold? Answer: According to many authentic traditions of the Prophet (SA), it is clearly stated that Gold is unlawful for males to wear. Based upon this, it has become a prohibition for men to wear gold. Question: Can men wear silver jewellry on the whole, eg…. read more »

Zakaah On Jewellery

Answered by DarulUloomTT.net

Question: Gold and silver found in jewellery – is Zakaat compulsory in it? Answer: Yes, Zakaat is compulsory on jewellery that contains gold and silver. (Tahtawi, Pg.389 / Shami, Vol.2, Pg.298) And Allah knows best Mufti Waseem Khan Original Source Link