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I would like to know whether it is permissible to use solar power as a source of heating water and generating electricity in out homes, in light of the environmental issues…

Should I divorce her or should I stay married to her for fear of her influencing the girls from being good muslims. My married to this woman is a western type of marriage. Please help.

The people in London use public transport. They normally have weekly or monthly travel card. There are so many different types of travel cards…

Can the zakat be given to my brother or sister, wife’s parents, … Do i need to give the entire zakat now or can i keep a portion to give it when im in my home country?

I used to send SMS of Hadith or Quranic Verse, Is it ok? … I want to buy a car and I have these two options…

Imam of our masjid told me that I can not send Zakat to home country if there are poor needy people here in USA, specially in our own community. On the other hand my family back in Pakistan is insisting me to send zakat money to poor and needy people of Pakistan, specially in our locality in Pakistan. I am confused now, where to spend zakat money?

Question has been repied private

Does Islam allow life insurance? Is Vehicle or Properity Insurance Halal in Islam?…Some People in my town work as agents to send people abroad on fake documents. They take money from the customer and make fake documents of him and presents the same to embassy.

Is it permissible to work in this environment? Please keep in mind that both funds (Shares Capital Profit) are being used to disburse the construction cost employees related expenses…

My company business is auto spare parts for Korean cars, and spring for Mercedez trucks….since we import spare parts from Korean companies, i start taking comission from them per order, hiding it from my boss..

A question on Moonsighting

I am a grade 10 student …nd we are studing the book “cry, our beloved country”. While studing this we came across a statement whhich says ” IF GOD IS GOOD, THEN WHY DO WE GO THROUGH SO MUCH OF PAIN?”

I live in New Zealand.The Tax rate is high and the retirement income is very low.So citizens ensure their future by buying houses.And of course they get laons from the bank. But us Muslims we are not allowed the REBA….

Is money which is collected from avoid taxes halaal

Is Making web sites allowed? …When i seek answer is it allowed to open Koran randomly to find it?