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I would like to know if nabi (saw) ascend to the heavens on the 27th of rajab. Can you please provide me this from quran and hadith….

My question is i’m muslim and i married women from poland she is christian by orfi and there is 2 witness …is this marriage is acceptable or not..

I refer to the long hadith below. Is it authentic and what is the source of the narration?

What is the status of the hadeeth (The diffrences of my ummah is a mercy .Or the diffrences of my companions is a mercy ) jazak Allah khair

1. What is meant by the term “aal” or household of Nabi {SAW}?

I am in a slight dilemma. I went to Pakistan in 2006 and bought a book on Syedna Imam Ali (KW), by a Sunni author, professor Masud-ul-Hassan. I now feel that so far I have been exposed to a side which disregards Muhammad SAW’s family…

BAsed on information provided can a man drink his wifes milk? “is confined to the suckling during the first two years. After the elapse of the first two years, suckling is no longer a cause of prohibition”.

Is it allowed to do currency trading online buying and selling of euros and dollars through internet, we are in india we want to do through the indonesian…

Regarding your below information for a Athiest, i think Bucaille reading are not appropriate. As per the information which i cant confirm he is…

I have heared in one jumma taqrir, that Allah pak will allow paradies to those person who carries iman just like a mustard seed (RAI KE DANE KE BARA BAR), kindly expalin me this hadish in detail,

We have come across this Kitaab of Jarh Wat-Ta’deel and what has been mentioned regarding Imaam Abu Hanifa (RA) is disturbing, so could Mufti saheb please answer the following questions:-

I want to know the status of literature (poetry, folktales, etc.) in Islam. I heard from someone that poetry is forbidden based on hadith when Umar (ra) hit and rebuked someone…

Alhumduliah i am a recent convert to islam. And i have many questions. Before i converted, i was in a relationship with a muslim man, i unfortantly lost my virginity to him, but…

I was having discussion with some colleagues and there we discussed this point that we being Muslims are not allowed to pray for forgiveness of non-Muslims.

I am a muslim, and my fiance is a catholic. she wants to keep practicing her relegion after we are married and as far as i know this is fine with the islamic relegion,