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Why is Homosexuality prohibited?

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Salam! I am a teenager from pakistan. I am 17 and doing my a levels. Several people around me are supporters of the lgbtq community. As much as I try to condemn it is hard doing so overtly as it ends up in me being ostracised. In a honesty I am not clear on islams… read more »

Hadeeth about urinating in the Masjid

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Assalamu alykkum wrwb, I would like to know the authenticity of the hadith mentioned by a person (not an alim) in his speech. I heard a hadith from this person that once our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had a guest in his house and the guest intentionally urinated. Our prophet was very tolerant and… read more »

Queries about drawings of the Prophet SAW

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When the scandal about the cartoons of prophet Muhammad happened a muslim leader in Europe said almost crying: They imagine that this is how our beloved prophet looks like pointing to one of the blasphemous pictures. Does this mean that it is allowed to look at blasphemous pictures for legitimate reasons? Is the legitimacy that… read more »

The virtue of single mothers.

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My husband left me during pregnancy (reason he did not want a child). My son is a 12-year-old now Alhamdulillah. I have been living on my own to concentrate on my child’s upbringing. It’s my greatest wish to go for Umrah. What is the reward for single divorced mothers who don’t get married due to… read more »

Which type of Hajj should I perform?

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Asslamoalikum, I am looking to do hajj this year inshaAllah, was doing some research to which hajj should i perform  Tammo’tu or Qiran my preference was to do the same as what our beloved Prophet Muhammed (may peace be upon him) has done which is Qiran but looking at ahadiths he had… read more »