Translating Islamic Works and Then Selling Them

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as salamu alaikum,
Is it permissible to translate a work in Shafi’i fiqh and then sell it?
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Wa alaykum salam wa rahmatuLlahi wa barakatuHu,

It is permissible to translate an Islamic work, in Shafi’i fiqh or other subjects, and then offer copies of the work for sale. Abu Muhammad al-Bayhaqi was one of Imam al-Haramayn’s students, he had the ability to write at a fast pace. He scribed Imam al-Haramayn’s Nihayat al-Matlab for him over twenty times. Sayyid Ahmad Bey mentioned that he would scribe copies of Nihayat al-Matlab, and then offer those for sale. (Murshid al-Anam 1/238)

And Allah knows best. Fatwa Dept.

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