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The fathers of Sayyidna Musa and Sayyidatna Maryam

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Question: Did Sayyidna Musa and Sayyidatna Maryam have the same father? If not, did their fathers have the same names?


Wa alaykum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

Dear questioner,

Thank you for your important question.

No, the two fathers have the same name. They lived centuries apart in two different geographical locations.

The name of Sayyidna Musa’s father was Imran, son of Qahath, son of Azar, son of Lawi, son of Yaqub, son of Ishaq son of Ibrahim (upon whom be blessings and peace). (Qasas al-Anbiya, Ibn Kathir)

In Exodus, the lineage given for Sayyidna Musa’s father is Amram, son of Kohath, son of Levi, son of Jacob. Ibn Asakir also mentions a lineage without a father between Kohath/Qahath and Imran. (Tarikh al-Dimashq, Ibn Asakir)

As for Sayyidatna Maryam, her father was Imran, son of Mathan, son of the al-Azar son of the al-Yud son of Akhnar, son of Saduq, son of Ayazuz son of al-Yaqim son of Aybud son of Zaryabil son of Shaltal, son of Yuhina son of Barsha son of Amon son of Misha son of Hazqa son of Ahaz son of Mutham son of Azraya son of Yuram son of Yushafat son of Isha son of Iba son of Rahab’am son of Sulayman son of Dawud (upon whom be blessings and peace). Muhammad ibn Ishaq gives a different lineage and goes back to Sayyidna Dawud (upon whom be peace). (Qasas al-Anbiya, Ibn Kathir) The New Testament does not give a lineage for her, but in James’s (apocryphal) gospel, the name given for her father is Joachim.

As for the Divine wisdom of both of them having the same name, Allah Himself knows best.

I pray this helps.

[Ustadh] Farid

Checked and Approved by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

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