Moving the Finger in the Tashahhud in the Maliki School

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Answered by Shaykh Rami Nsour

Question: Can you please clarify the issue of pointing the finger in tashahhud in the maliki madhhab

Answer: For the tashahhud in the Maliki school, the index finger of the right hand is extended pointing towards the Qibla. The middle finger, ring finger, and small finger are folded to rest on the area below the thumb. The thumb is placed on the folded middle finger and is extended to point towards the Qibla. The thumb is not moved during the tashahhud.

The index finger is moved left to right continuously without stopping throughout the tashahhaud, the Salatul Ibrahimiyya and any dua that are made. Once a person is ready to exit the prayer, all fingers are unfolded and the hand is placed on the thigh with the fingers slightly extended onto the knee. [Mukhtasar Khalil]

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