University debt, dua to ease situation?

Answered according to Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi


I am around 2200 dollars debt to my university. The situation is urgent in many ways. Government loan is not available to me at this time. Is there any Du’a or Durood I can read to ease my situation. Also, please remember this sinful slave and make du’a Allah ta’ala brings afiyat to this whole situation.


Read 11 times after every namaz:

“Allahummak Fini bi Halalika An Haramika, Wa Aghnimi bi Fadhlika Amman Siwaka”

i.e. “O Allah! Suffice me with your halal from the haram, and make me independant with your grace from all besides you.”

Read Surah Waqia in the evening and instruct your family members to do so as well. I am also making dua.

This answer was collected from the official website of Sheikh Abdul Raheem Limbada (Hafizahullah) of UK.

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