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Hadith regarding dua after fardh Salah

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi

I just came across this Hadith of raising hands in dua after every fardh Salah and I thought I should share it with our friends:

Anas Ibn Malik reports that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam said: “No slave spreads both his palms after every Salah and then says the following but it will be incumbent upon Allah not to return his hands with failure,

اللهم الهي واله إبراهيم و اسحق و يعقوب، و اله جبريل و ميكاءيل واسرافيل أسالك ان تستجيب دعوتي فاني مُضطرو تعصمني في دينى فاني مبتلي و تنالني برحمتك فاني مذنب وتنفي عني الفقر فاني متمسكِن

“O Allah! My Worship! and the Worship of Ibrahim, Ishaq and Yaqub, and the Worship of Jibreel, Meekaeel, and Israfeel, I beg You to respond to my call because I am in a pitiful state, and to protect my Deen because I am going through trials, and to let Your mercy reach me because I am sinful, and to remove my poverty because I am downhearted”

(Narrated by Ibnus Sunni in Amalul yawmi wal laylah page 93)

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