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Is it permissible to lie on my resume?

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I have completed my Masters in computer engineering from an American university. I have good grades but no work experience. I started applying for jobs, stating in my resume my qualification, my grades and school projects and showed no experience. I did not get any response from any company. I approached headhunters (consultants). They said my Resume would not be considered unless I show 4 to 5 years of experience. Obviously I wont get experience unless I get a job and I will not get a job unless I have experience. So I yielded to their advise and I added false experience with a feeling that I am not cheating any one, since neither I intend to, nor will I be harming anyone by adding false experience. So under experience, “whatever I can do” has been stated as “I have already done it”. Though I did not get a job yet but the response is good. Recently I received an email from one of my friends explaining the consequences of ‘cheating’ in light of quran and hadith. I started worrying if I am also cheating by lying in the resume. I am afraid that I might not get a job if I do not show (false) experience, at the same time I am afraid that I might be cheating and had to face the consequences. Please advice. This is a concern of lot of my friends.

Is it permissible to lie on my resume?
Lying is not allowed, but to work at a job which has been gained by this method is allowed, and income earned from such a job will be allowed.

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