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Is Maraseel Abu Daood a mustaqil tasneef of Imam Abu Daood?

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In the answer of question No. 1051 is it makrooh for women to tie and wrap their own hair on top of their head while praying or is it makrooh to tie artificial hair on top of their heads while praying. Could Mufti sahab please tell me something about a book called “maraseel Abu Daood” . Is it a mustaqil tasneef of Imam Abu Daood or is it just a part of his famous book “Sunan Abu Daood.”

Maraseel are a type of hadith.
They are found amongst other ahadiths which are found in the various books of hadith. Many of these Maraseel are also found in Abu Dawood. Imam Abu Dawood has even made a separate book which is titled Kitabul Maraseel, published in 1310 Hijra by Mutba Ilmi which is about 56 pages long and contains all the Maraseel which Imam Abu Dawood had compiled in his famous book Jame Abu Dawood. The total number of enumerated in this book is 600.

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