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Can Male teacher teach a girl of 14 years old

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I am hafiz-e-quran and 20 years old. I go to teach Muslims children. but few days ago I started to teach one new Muslim family children. they are neighbor of a Muslim family where I go to teach. and now these new Muslims also come to learn quran. and this way I earn money. the thing I want to ask is that one of these new Muslims is a girl and boy. Girl is about 14 years old. I want to know that is it allowed in Islam for a male to teach quran to female? if not then should i refuse to teach her? they may feel bad about it. Please answer soon.
It’s not permissible for a 20 year old man to teach 14 year old girls neither is it permissible for them to sit across from each other without proper covering. The teaching can be done with proper ‘hijab’ but the condition you mentioned is not free of danger. If someone who is mahram sits with the teacher and the girls then it would be fine.

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