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Fanaticism in Islam.

Q. What is fanaticism in Islam? Why do the awwam (people) consider those who teach their children that for example “there is no santa claus, or no toothfairy etc” to be FANATICS? Why should we fool our children? They say we should teach our children about these characters because they are small and don’t have sense yet.

A. It seems that some of our Muslims are steeped so much in ignorance and un Islamic practices that they view the true teachings of Islam as fanaticism. In reality, there is no fanaticism in Islam. This is a word which has been coined by non-Muslims, free thinkers and transgressing Muslims who wish to weaken the faith of true and sincere Muslims.

With respect to the ‘myth’ and ‘lies’ that have been fabricated for many of these characters, it is our responsibility and duty as Muslim parents to tell our children the truth about these matters. It is totally haram (unlawful) to lie to them. Even though the children may be small and immature, it will still be regarded as ‘lying’ in Islam, if we were to tell them ‘made up’ stories and ‘myths’ that are circulating regarding these characters.

And Allah knows best.

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