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Salafi accusing people & other groups..

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Salafi accuse people and other groups of being mutazila, jaberiya, jahmeeiya, etc…, while they themselves held some beliefs which are contradictory to Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamah: 1 Salafi are in essence Mujassimah (anthropomorphist-Those who attribute a body to Allah Ta’ala). 2 They reject the permissibility of using a deceased person as a intermediary in dua. 3. Reject the Ambiyaa being alive in their graves 4. Allah is really resting on his throne in the sky How should we deal with these people who contradict themselves and think there the only saved sect?
Every one thinks that his group is the most right. But those groups who have been criticized by scholars we cannot endorse them. So, we will consider them wrong in these particular issues as well. The rightly guided scholars consider the prophets to be alive and this is proven from the Quran and Hadith. There is nowhere mentioned waseela as shirk. Not only it’s fine to do it but also its desirable. It’s not mentioned anywhere that allah is affixed on the throne or that is not what is implied in the verse. We cannot specify the place for him it’s very disrespectful. These people are misleading in these issues. As for dealing with them we should not sit with them nor support them. We should not argue with them especially if a person is not equipped enough to deal with them. If anything like that happens we should consult with our scholars.

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