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Must we belong to any group ??

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Some say that you must belong to a group, what is the Shariah ruling on such a cliam ?
No matter if you work at one job or two, you should only work in a method which is allowed by sharia, and not work in those methods which are not allowed. Judging from the question it seems if you want to know if something is allowed or not. Thus, this rule should be understood, that whatever object is allowed to be used for someone’s personal use, can also be used as a means of earning a livelihood. But, if there is a situation in which all choices have a combination of both allowable and non allowable things, then it’s preferred to choose the option which has the least amount of non allowable things, so that we are staying away from the greater evil, even though it may be at the expense of a lesser evil.
That’s why based on the understanding that using the internet is allowable, we can draw the conclusion that to use the internet for earning a livelihood is also allowable. But that does not mean that we can go to any site on the net . . . No. There are certain websites which are not allowable to be visited, but that does not negate the use of the internet as a whole.

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