Is my Nikah Valid If my husband says to someone that he does not believe in Muslim faith?

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I am married for 14 years and have a son 10-year-old son with this marriage. My husband is a reverted Muslim. We got married Islamic court in presence of my father and brother. He only does Fridays prayer and doesn’t eat haram foods. I always had problems with him not praying five times a day and not following Islam the way he is supposed to follow but I didn’t take it very seriously since he was claiming he is Muslim and always lazy to pray at home/go masjid.

He was always talking to his old friends who were girls but didn’t have physical relationships with any as far as I know and as he claims.

Since six years ago he started working as a handyman to a divorced, Christian-Indian woman’s house and helping her with her parents, son and whatever she needed help with at home or outside. I have seen a lot of changes in his nature during this period. I have seen him talking/text to her and keeping his phone password controlled so I don’t see his messages. I started having doubt that he is having something more than just work relations and I found out that he proposed her to be his girlfriend and told her that he doesn’t believe in the Muslim faith.

But to me, he says that he is still a Muslim. He does not know that I have recorded his conversation while he was talking to that woman and I know what he told her about his faith. Now I want to find out if my Marriage is valid or not because he said this to someone else on phone, not to me. I am really confused and don’t know if I am doing Haram by living with him. Just to let you know we are in Nikah by Islamic sharia but not married legally on papers by US law.

I am trying to keep him away from me with so many excuses, but it will not work for a long time and I will have to talk to him. Please guide me as soon as possible because I have lost my peace and not sure what to call this relationship. 

Jazakumullah khair

الجواب وباللہ التوفیق

Please present all details and the recordings you have made to any Darul Ifta or in front of Ahl e Haq Ulama and follow the Shar’ai guidance they provide you.  

واللہ اعلم بالصواب

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