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Can parents break a nikah if they disapprove of the race of the partner?

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Salam Regarding NIKHA, You did answer the parents have the right to break the nikha if they have problems with the race.

Does that mean if one wants to marry someone but the parents dont aproove of it under circumstances that they are not from the same race.ie they are racist with out even checking weather he/she are compatible for each other or not.
As parents many of the times think of what others would say ratehr then what is good for there child.
Please can you advise me on this matter as many sisters nikhas are delayed cos of issues like this

Bismihi Ta’ala

Firstly, a woman should not go out looking for her own marriage partner, in which she gets entangled in such situations. these things are best left to the parents who know about compatibility and suitability issues due to their experience.

It would not be regarded as racism, but rather looking for the best interests of the child. A person should not be entangles in a love situation like this in the first place.

Nobody is tellin the sisters to delay their marriages. Rather, if a suitable match is present under the rulings of Kafaa’at, then she should proceed with the permission of her parents to marry such a person.

The situation in the UK has become disgusting in which young boys and girls set out looking for their own partners, and get entangled in illicit and Haraam relationships, and then face difficulties intrying to earn their parents blessings. Everything is good if the timing and situation is correct. It is not the individuals responsibility to start doing this at their workplace or at university, free-mixing, looking for their own marriage partners.

This has becomes a very sad situation as it may be seen at many universities, in which so called practising Muslim sisters with Hijaabs, and brothers with beards, free mix, sit and eat together, and socialize, thinking there exists no ill thought. But Shaytaan takes full advantage of this situation and then matters become worst.

May Allah save us from all the fitnah.

Mufti Yaseen Shaikh

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