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Is the story of the snake biting a sahabi and Rasulullah forgiving it true?

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The snake that bit the sahabi was a disciple of a previous Nabi. When that nabi was telling his disciples about the greatness of our Nabi (S.A.W) and his ummat (us), then one of the disciples requested the nabi to intercede to Allah so that Allah gives him the ability to see Rasulullah SAW. So the Nabi interceded and Allah said that he would have to be changed in to a snake as only a snake can live that many years. The disciple agreed and was told that Rasulullah SAW was going to visited that cave in which he bit the sahabi. So the snake went there anticipating the arrival of Rasulullah SAW. When Rasulullah SAW went there to hide with Abu Bakr, the snake got desperate and bit the sahabi as he was blocking the hole with which he would be able to see our Nabi. So when Rasulullah SAW woke up due to the tear of the sahabi, Rasulullah SAW Asked the snake why he had bitten his (Rasulullah?s) Sahabi, the snake replied that I have waited so long to see you therefore I couldn?t resist but do this in order to see you. Hearing this Rasulullah SAW told him that ?ok, I forgive you but to compensate you must never leave this hole in you life.? Is this episode true?? Or made up?? Or is the story different? If true is this the story, Please give details of where this is from as I will use this when giving dawah to people sometimes.

Assalamu’alaikum w.w.

This is a fabricated story.

Wallahu A’alam

(Mufti) Abdullah Patel
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