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Wudu required for Quran prayer on Darul Uloom Bury’s website?

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Salaams Mufti Sahib,
Please can u tell me if you need Wudu to pray quran on the net. the site i refer to is darul uloom burys website which has the FULL quran on it where people can pray it page to page. i was thinking that wont the same rule apply as the normal qurans we read which have hardback cardboard covers and “jub-daans” around them. as they do not have ANY ayats of the quran on them but as they form the physical part of the quran at THAT particular moment we need to have wudo as touching these would mean touching the quran also as both are part of the same entity at THAT particular moment. if will be completley different i know if the pages of the quran with the acutally ayats and the hardback cardboard and “jub-daan” are totally sperated. Would you therefore also require wudo when praying the quran on PC as at THAT particluar moment you are display the word /ayats of the Quran on the PC screen the whole of the PC would form part of the entity of the quran once you have come out of that screen it will no longer be considered part of the quran no more????? please help calrify

Bismihi Ta’ala

It is not necessary to have Wudhu when reciting Qur’an from the PC, as long as you do not touch words. However, this is against the Aadaab and ettiquettes of the Qur’an and it takes away all spiritual benefits and rewards.

And Allah knows best

Mufti Yaseen Shaikh

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