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Wazifah to become rich

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Muftionline.co.za

Q: I want to ask a wazifa for wealth and to become rich.


A: Read “Yaa Mughni” 1000 times after Esha. Ensure that all your namaaz are performed on time, look after your eyes and don’t get involved in anything that is doubtful, and be honest and truthful at all times.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.

Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)

This answer was collected from MuftiOnline.co.za, where the questions have been answered by Mufti Zakaria Makada (Hafizahullah), who is currently a senior lecturer in the science of Hadith and Fiqh at Madrasah Ta’leemuddeen, Isipingo Beach, South Africa.

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