Thoughts of shirk

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Q: Sorry for the disturbance it will be feel like am playing but please help me understand today one insident happened when I go through internet I get to know there is thing like if we do something that Allah doesn’t like it’s shirk so the thought that came to my mind is my friend who is a girl so I thought talking to her is shirk but I search in the internet in that they have told like it is minor shirk so I keep searching until I clear this doubt and then there were some post like it can be major shirk so to be frank I really don’t want to do that if its major shirk but I want to make this doubt go dissapear so I kept searching at last I got to no there is no prob but now I feel like I was ready to talk even if it is major shirk but to be frank I don’t no wat I thought … it can be true that I might thought or not but am not sure but I was searching whole time to make That thing normal but now it feels like I commuted shirk and here after talking to her is shirk …. so I don’t no wat is true what is right and wrong anymore unlike other issue this feel real because I was very clear than other incident that happened bcz of waswaas so now I can’t say it’s waswaas or me .. and definitely can’t say like I was nt ready so what can I do … I just want to be safe from shirk so is there is any way I can ask forgiveness and talk to hey normally or should I ask forgiveness nd stop talk to her … u might be mad to hear this …. does this mean I committed shirk and if I talk to her again does that consider as shirk ?


A: Make taubah not at all to ever commit this.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


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Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)