Is it shirk if i say i’ll not do those things as those make me sick and i know by heart that the entire system is created and controlled by Allah Taa’la? for example, hot food burns mouth.

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my question is about shirk. it will be benefecial to me if you read the following query with patience and give me answer. sometimes sort of thoughts come to my mind and if i continue with those thoughts, i become mentally weak and sick. sometimes those thoughts are type of anti-islamic and may be type of shirk. so i used to block those thoughts before they caught me fully. i simply block those certain type of thoughts because i can feel that those make me sick. but recently i found in one of your answers regarding shirk that one pious tabligh person was caught of shirk by almighty Allah because that person told that he got pain in stomach because of drinking milk. though all things i.e. the entire system is controlled by Allah Ta’ala, there are certain things that man’s eye can see or realise, for example, hot food burns one’s mouth. so would it be shirk if one say don’t eat hot food as it will burn your mouth? similar case is for me, if i say i would not do those thinkings as i got sick because of them though i know by heart that only Allah Taa’la is behind everything and only he can cure us. please answer my question. because i’m in a mental anxiety because of the fear of commiting shirk.


Your belief is correct and is not shirk. This is a world of cause and effect. However the effect in things is with the order of Allah. For example hot food burns with the order of Allah. That is not Shirk. We do not recall stating the incident of the pious person and pain in his stomach, due to drinking milk.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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