Witr in Congregation

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Answered by Shaykh Omar Subedar


In the Hanafi math’hab, are we allowed to pray witr in congregation outside of Ramaźhän? I think I read in Nur Al Idha that we should pray it alone, but I was curious as to why. JazakAllah


In the Name of God, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate

Shaykh Burhän al-Dën al-Farghänë al-Marghënänë [d.593 H] writes in Al-Hidäya, “The witr prayer should not be performed in congregation outside of Ramadän. The consensus of the Muslims is upon this.”

Ibn Humäm [d. 681 H] has elucidated this point in his commentary of Al Hidäya, Shar’h Fat’h Al Qadeer by stating, “This is because in one aspect this is a supererogatory (nafl) prayer. Performing supererogatory (nafl) prayers in congregation outside of Ramadän is disliked (makrooh) hence it is safer to abandon performing it in congregation.” [Shar’h Fat’h Al Qadeer, p. 487 vol. 1, Ibn Humäm, Dar Al Kotob Al Ilmiyah, Beirut, Lebanon 1995]

And Allah Knows Best

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