The Light in Result of Reciting Kahf on Fridays

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In the virtues of reciting Sūrah Kahf on Fridays, the prophetic report mentions, “A light will illuminate for the reciter from one Friday to the next.” What is the meaning of this light? Please elaborate!


In the Name of God, Most Merciful, Most Kind

Jazāk Allāh Khayr/ Thank you for your question.

The report you reference has various wordings and has been mentioned in a number of Ḥadīth books. In light of the narrations, Islamic scholars have described the light to refer to one of the following or a combination of some of them:

  • The rewards and blessings will remain with the reciter for the entire week.
  • A light of guidance that motivates loyalty and obedience to the Creator.
  • A glow on one’s face that is sensed or seen by the righteous.
  • A spiritual light not necessarily a physical light.
  • A light in either the heart, grave and or Judgement Day that guides or protects the believer.
  • A physical light that the angels see and then pray for the reciter.
  • A divine feeling to make the right choices.
  • A divine light connecting the reciter to the Ka’abah in Makkah.
  • Refers to forgiveness.

(References: Tuḥfat Al-Dhākirīn, Fayḍ Al-Qadīr, Sharḥ Saḥīḥ Muslim, Al-Dār Al-Quṭniy, Daylamī)

And Allāh Knows Best

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