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Not going to Masjid to perform Namaz

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Jamia Binoria

Assalamu Alaikum!Sir, what are the diseases which cause inconvenience to the public due to which one should not go to Masjid to perform Namaz? What are the rulings with regard to the ordinary sicknesses such as cold and cough because at times these sicknesses too cause embarrassment and disgust? Likewise during which type of weather it is advisable to perform Namaz at home such as rainy, stormy and chilly which is beyond tolerance?

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Among the excuses that are provided to leave the Jama’ath (Congregational) Namaz includes severe rain, stormy weather and severity in sickness too. However if the applicant wants to know the Shar’i ruling of a particular sickness let him send again the question with details of the sickness and Insha Allah he will be informed of the Shar’i ruling on that sickness.

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