I have homosexual desires which I control. Will I be given permission to fulfill these desires in Jannah?

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I am a Muslim boy. I feel homosexual urges so much that sometime I cry because I can’t walk on road freely like other men. On average Everyday I feel this urge more than one time. But I fear Allah and don’t want to act on it. If I be patient in this world and believe that in the hereafter in jannat Allah will permit me to fulfill my homosexual desires, will this belief be wrong??


In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh.

Jazāk Allah u Khairan for writing to us. We commend you on your brave stance to control these impermissible desires and stand ground in subservience to Allah’s command.

In order to address your question, we must look at the scope of Sharʿīa and how we incorporate that into our lives. Allah Taʿālā has set a standard of rules for us to abide by, regardless of the temptation we feel towards those sins.

So, just as we have been commanded to control our tongue from transgression of lying, swearing and backbiting, regardless of how enticing it may feel to us, we stand firm on not engaging into these vices. Likewise, we have been ordered not to take others property without their consent, as it would be stealing and worthy of not only rebuke and sin, but also an enactment of monetary or legal penalty. This is despite the desire that may come in our heart for that expensive watch or wonderful car etc. We stand firm to those morals and desist from stealing or taking other’s items without consent.

Similarly, as a male, we have been commanded to lower our gaze and protect our chastity from illicit relationship, thereby protecting ourselves from any impermissible interaction, with people from opposite gender or the same. Someone may feel immense pull and attraction towards someone from an opposite gender, but he desists from his heartily inclinations simply because it is against Allah’s commandments. By standing firm on such morals one stands to gain immense pleasure and acceptance of Allah.

Similarly, it could happen to some that they feel similar sensual attraction towards their own siblings, but knowing that such an incestuous interaction is completely unacceptable in Islam, one chooses to control these urges, diverts away from them only in subservience of Allah and His commands. Someone who does this will gain closeness to Allah, and great rewards for staying within the confines of Allah’s commands.

Your matter is no different than any of these forbidden sins. It just so happens that your carnal-self is desirous of an interaction and relationship with an individual of the same-gender, which is forbidden by the dictates of Allah’s jurisdiction. Having such desires in the heart or the thoughts persistently coming into one’s mind is not in your control, just as the desire to swear or inclination towards one’s sibling (for someone afflicted by that) is beyond one’s control. However, what is in you control and hence that which Allah will take you to task for is whether such desires pan out into action. So, as long as you curb these desires for sake of Allah, continue to hope great rewards from Allah.

Hope for homosexual needs to be fulfilled in heaven

The other part of your question refers:

Understand that in paradise (jannah) one will live at ease and whatever one desires shall be fulfilled. However, jannah is fulfillment of fitrī desires (natural disposition). If someone is desirous of incestuous relationship, or animalistic bestiality then we do not expect that having gone in jannah, the person would be granted these debased desires.

Consider this; necrophilia, raping, pedophilia or any such unacceptable urge are all impermissible in Islam. A person having mental inclination towards them will not be held liable since one cannot control the inclination itself. All he must exert is that he never transforms those unnatural inclinations into an action. In the same light, one would not expect that the paradise shall make all such actions permissible. Homosexuality is in the same way an inclination of the heart and mind, acting on which has been made impermissible.

On the contrary, the natural disposition will become dominant and one will not have such desires or urges. One will have no regret, no sorrow and complete contentment.

What will we get in Jannah?

Remember that jannah is created by Allah, the being who has complete control over everything. The rewards of jannah will have effect within them which would satiate the soul. These effects are not bound by this world’s logic and its time and space. Instead, satiation from a simplest of actions like taking a bite out of an apple, may be enhanced to such an extent than it becomes better than the world and whatever it contains. The bounties of jannah will enhance in quality and quantity.

A look towards our parents, or the Sahaba radiallahu anhum or Rasulullah ﷺ or even our Rabb Himself will await us. The satisfaction of these seemingly simple actions will be so much that one will not feel any regret. All natural desires will have their avenue, and every act will increase in its satiation. Once, we recognize that all this can happen, whereas it may counter our current logic, then we also accept that all impermissible desires which have been burdened upon us in this world as a test will be removed from us.

Persist in your faith, and hope the highest of rewards from Allah in jannah. May Allah help and assist you in your struggle and may your trials be eased in this world, so you live at ease in this world and in akhirah, Ameen.

And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best

Mufti Faisal bin Abdul Hameed al-Mahmudi

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