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Sleeping after Fajr salaah

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by DarulUloomTT.net

Q. Is it a sin to sleep during the zawaal after fajr salaat? I heard it is makrooh. Makrooh tahrema or tanzini? Also during my exams if it gets very late then I study till fajr and its difficult for me to stay up after performing fajr salaat. If under such conditions I sleep at zawaal time will I get sin?

A. To sleep after the Fajr Salaah is not a sin, it is simply undesirable. It can be termed Makrooh Tanzihi (a light dislike). If one has stayed up for the night, then it is permissible and okay for him to take a rest after the Fajr Salaah. There is no harm in this.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

This answer was collected from DarulUloomTT.net, which is operated under the supervision of Mufti Waseem Khan from Darul Uloom Trinidad and Tobago.

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