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Someone told me that I should not give my clothes for charity

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Salaams, i had given some of my clothing for charity. Some time later someone told me that I should not give my clothes for charity and that I should throw them away because people can use the clothes to do black magic on me and harm me. I am feeling very depressed now. Have I done something wrong? Can this really happen? Please shed some light on this issue.


Wa Alaikumu Salam

You have not done anything wrong. In fact, it is a very good act of charity which you should be happy about and not depressed.

Giving your clothing to others for use, is indeed a great charity for which you will be highly rewarded. This is what is encouraged in Islam, and Muslims are all exhorted to help the poor and needy in whatever manner they can. Giving your clothing to others in order to assist them, is far better than throwing them away. In fact, to throw these away when they are good and usable would amount to wastage (israf) which is prohibited in Islam. So you have done the right thing by not throwing them away.

On the issue of ‘black magic’ as you have asked, it can be done by others who have evil minds, but, it is not permissible to have suspicion on anyone that they may do this to you. It is certainly ‘far-fetched’ that a person would receive an act of kindness from you (by getting your clothing to wear) and then do something to harm you. Thinking in this manner is nothing but mere suspicion which has been condemned in the Holy Quraan.

And Allah knows best
Mufti Waseem Khan

11th January 2013

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