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Q. How should a Muslim Employer/Manager conduct himself with employees in meetings and business transactions? We hear of the Prophet SAW having the best Ahklaq (character) in all his dealings. We as muslims tend to overlook this in our dealings. Muslim Employers/Managers tend to treat employees like “trash” many times and often shout and abuse employees (both Muslims and Non-Muslims) with harsh words for short comings in their jobs. What is the shariah ruling or advise to Muslims on treatment to employees?

A. Islam preaches good conduct and fair dealings with each and everyone.

The Prophet (S.A.S) has given clear guidelines with respect to the treatment a superior should give to his subordinates. The Prophet (S.A.S) himself practically demonstrated this conduct to those who were his followers.

While giving guidance to a person with respect to the manner he should treat those under him, the Prophet (S.A.S) said, ‘you should not abuse them nor condemn them. You should forgive and overlook their shortcomings, and should give them such work which you know they can do. If you give them such work which they cannot do, then help them in it’. (Al Bukhari).

The Prophet (S.A.S) is reported to have advised the companions and Muslims at large that whoever gains an authority above others, he must treat them well, accept their good acts and overlook their wrongs. (Al Bukhari).

On one occasion, the Prophet (S.A.S) reprimanded Abu Zar (R.A) in a very harsh manner for having abused Bilal (R.A). (Al Bukhari).

The teachings of good treatment to workers have been emphasized through Islam and one who vested with an authority over others must be kind and understanding, lenient and forgiving to those who are under his charge.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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