Is there Aqeeqah for – a baby that lived for one day?

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1. Is there Aqeeqah for – a baby that lived for one day? – children under 7 whose father was Muslim and died and whose mother has reverted to Christianity, however, the grandmother is Muslim and wants to perform their Aqeeqa.

2. Will a non muslim relative (brother etc) be a mahram for a muslim woman for journeying etc?

Jazak Allah.



Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

All Praises are for Allah.

1) There is no Aqeeqah for a baby who lived for one day. With respect to children who are under 7 years, the time for their Aqeeqah, has passed already (according to the majority of scholars). However, if the grandmother still wants to do the Aqeeqa, then she can do it.

2) Yes, a non-Muslim brother will be a Mahram for his Muslim blood-related sister for journeying etc.

And Allah knows best,
Mufit WAseem Khan


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