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As Salaam Alaikum,

I am aware that the days of sacrifice are three starting on the 10th of dhul hijja, my question is concerning if any of these three days of sacrifice in this present year would be greater in reward compared to the other days of sacrifice. The reason for asking this question is because this Friday would be the 10th dhul hijja, which is Eid ul Adha, which is also Jummah and also the first day of sacrifice. Iam only assuming that the first day of sacrifice would contain more reward, because the first day of sacrifice would definitely have more sacrifice as one would have to go for the Eid Salah in the morning then sacrifice the animal, then looking at the time and cleaning up one’s self early so as to ensure that he/she is on time for Jummah. Can you please shed some light into my question and assumption in term of aspiring for greatest rewards during the day of sacrifice during this present year of dhul hijja, 10th 11th or 12th?


Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

All the scholars of fiqh and Hadith have stated that the most virtuous day for the qurbani is the first day, and the best time is before zawal . This is based on the practice of the Prophet (S.A.S)

Seeing that the first day this year will be on a Friday, the day itself will be a blessed day and so, good actions done on this day will carry more rewards. However, besides the first day being  a Friday, the virtues of doing qurbani on the first day itself carries the most rewards.

And Allah Knows best

Mufti Waseem Khan


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