Can Janazah Salah be performed in the Masjid?

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Janaza Salah in Masjid due to adverse weather conditions

  1. Is it permissible to perform Janaza Salah in the Masjid as opposed to qabrastan due to severe cold or heavy rain and the presence of elderly persons who have come to perform the Salah?
  2. As a general rule, is it disliked or simply not preferred to perform Janaza Salah in the Masjid?

Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

1. In such conditions like severe coldness or heavy rain, it will be permissible to perform Janaza on the Masjid compound. This means that first of all, an area besides the designated prayer area should be used for the Janaza salah, like the yard or hall of the Masjid. If there isn’t any yard or hall for the Masjid and there is no other place where the Janaza salah can be performed, then in this case where there are valid reasons, the Janaza salah will be allowed in the Masjid (that is, in the prayer area of the Masjid). ( Kitabul Fatawa vol. 3 pgs 164, 165 Zam Zam Publishers Karachi 2008).
2.As a general rule, it is disliked (Makrooh) to perform the Janaza Salah inside the Masjid. However, if there are valid reasons like rainfall etc, which makes it difficult to perform out side the Masjid, then it will not be Makrooh (disliked) to perform it inside the Masjid. ( Shami vol. 2 pg 224 H.M. Saeed Co.Karachi;  Fatawa Al Hindiyah vol. 1 pg 165. Maktaba Rasheediya Queta Pakistan 1983).
And Allah Knows best
Mufti Waseem Khan

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