Wives in Jannah.

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Someone said that if you fulfill the commandments of Allah and the Rasool (SAS) and you enter Jannah, Allah will give you a place (house) with 72 legal wives. Could you please explain this?


If a person is obedient to Allah and his Rasool then Insha-Allah through Allah’s mercy, he would be granted a high status in Jannah. In Jannah there are many different bounties and blessings, and besides having beautiful palaces and gardens laidened with fruit trees and rivers of honey, milk, water and non-intoxicated wine there would also be women of Jannah who would be known as the wives of the dweller of paradise. These women of paradise are known as ‘Hoor’ in the Quran and have been created by Allah to reside in Jannah alone. As part of the gifts given to man in Jannah he shall be granted these ‘Hoors’ (women of Jannah) who will be his wives along with the wife he had on the earth.

A tradition in Sahih Al Bukhari says that the Prophet (SAS) said that each man shall have two ‘Hoors’ (women of paradise) as his wives. While discussing this point the great commentator of hadith, Hafiz Ibn Hajar has collected traditions in his book Fathul- Bari (commentary of Sahih Al- Bukhari). In it he has narrated a tradition from Musnad Ahmad which affirms that the lowliest man in Jannah will have seventy-two spouses, in addition to his worldly wives.

One must understand that Jannah is a pure place and is free from envy, jealousy, hatred, malice, anger, greed, lust and any of the other vices of human beings. People in Jannah will live happy with each other and will never become displeased. Their faces would always be radiant with joy and happiness. As such it will be wrong to think that the situation in Jannah will be like that of the earth especially in the case of having more than one wife. All the women in Jannah would be chaste, pious, virtuous and fully pleased with the comfort Allah has placed for all the inmates of Jannah. In Jannah, the hearts, mind, thoughts and feelings would be totally different from their present state.

The reason and wisdom behind these different bounties (of Allah) in Jannah shall be fully understood when one reaches there Insha-Allah.

And Allah knows best.
Mufti Waseem Khan

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