Giving gifts and dua for wearing clothes.

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Q. Is it sunnah to put the left foot out first while leaving the house? Also when I give gifts to people, who are rich and don’t need them, what niyat can I make so as to change it into ibadat? Also when some good thing happens then friends ask for treat or a small party, so is it an act of ibadat to do so? What niyat should be made to make it ibaadat? Also at the time of hearing good news what is sunnah to do? Also please tell me the dua of wearing clothes and also for wearing new clothes? I have some clothes that are transparent and old, so I want to give them to poor people. I know they can’t wear them, so if I tell them to use it for some other purpose, should I give or should I throw them in the river?

A. 1) We have looked at many books of Ahadith and other reliable books, and have not found any statement which says that it is Sunnah to put the left foot out first while leaving the house. That which is mentioned is that when leaving the home, the Prophet (SA) used to recite,
‘Bismillah Tawakkaltu Alalallah Laa Hawla wa laa Quwwata ila billah’ (Tirmizi).

Translation: – ‘In the name of Allah, I place my trust/reliance on Allah. There is no power and strength except with Allah’.

2) You should have the niyat (intention) of giving the gifts only to please Allah.

3) Giving a treat/small party has become a customary practice in these places, and the substance of Ibadah is lost. It is better to perform two rakaats of Salaat and make dua to Allah, thanking Him for the good that He has given to you. It is also virtuous to give something to the poor and needy as a form of expressing gratitude to Allah. Having a small treat or party is not unlawful/haram if it is free from un-Islamic practices, however, it is more connected to one’s social conduct. If you are doing it, then your niyyat (intention) should be that you are doing it to express gratitude to Allah for the good He has given to you. In this way, you will receive blessing and rewards.

4) When hearing good news you should say ‘Subhaanallah’ (Glory be to Allah).

5) The dua for wearing clothes is: –
Alhamdu lillahillazi kasaani Haza wa Razaqanihi min Ghairi Hawlin Minni wa laa Quawwah’. (Mishkat)

Translation: – All praises are for Allah who Has caused me to wear this and has given it to me without my effort and strength’.

6) The dua for wearing new clothes is :-
Allahumma lakal Hamdu. Anta kasawtanihi As’alsuka khairahu wa khaira maa suni’a lahu. Wa A’uzu min sharrihi wa sharri maa suni’a lahu’ . (Abu Dawood)

Translation: – O Allah to you belong all praises as you have clothed me with this. I ask you of the good of it and the good for which it was made.

7) If you know that they can make use of it, then you may give them.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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