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Can reciting zikr help us benefit from Allah’s gifts?

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Yesterday i was discussing with alim sahab he told me that when a person is born he will be give three things from allah. 1.rizk. 2.maut is written. 3.woh emaan wala hoga ya bura. please explain three things with real life examples for above three points. one more question is amil sahab give zikr to read aital kursi 100 times,khul 100 times to improve our health if we are effected by jinn.sometimes they give zikr to get job and for business.does this is allowed in islam.i mean it is halal to read like this. please explain me this points with rela life examples because my emaan is very weak i want to make stronger please help me.


(Fatwa: 963/963/M=1432)

(1) Before the soul is blown in the foetus, the angels with the order of Allah write how much livelihood it shall receive. One does not die until one receives the livelihood fixed for him by Allah. The angels also write that when and where one is going to die i.e. the age of this person and the place of his death, whether one will be righteous or unrighteous i.e. will one become fortunate by doing good deeds or unfortunate by doing wrong deeds.
(2) There is no harm to go through lawful Amaliyat in order to protect oneself from the effect of evil sprit or for prosperity in business and for getting employment. The said amal is lawful and right. We are asked to keep aloof from unlawful and shirkiya amaliyat (denoting association with Allah). Also, the lawful amaliyat only should be adopted considering them a source of cure, it is wrong to consider them effective per se. It is only Allah Who creates effects in things.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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