Types of Hajj

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Q: A person went for umrah during Ramadaan. After Eid he performed a nafil umrah. He intends to go for haj just before haj starts. When he puts on ihram, must he make intention for umrah or for haj? Can he perform ifrad or qiran haj? If he makes intention for haj when he leaves his home, will his haj be ifrad or tamattu?

A:He may make intention for any of the three types of haj which are ifraad,tamattu and qiraan. This is because he returned home after making the nafl umrah. If he makes  intention of haj only then it will be ifraad. If he wants to make tamattu then he will make intention of umrah and when he comletes his umrah he can make intention of haj on the 8th of zhil hijjah or earlier. If he wants to make qiraan then he must make intention of both umrah and haj.

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