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Q: What should a husband do if a wife beats him during an argument and what is her punishment?

A: In a case like this we suggest that the husband makes sabr and not retaliate. He can reprimand the wife and threaten to retaliate with force if she does it again. If this happens continuously then he should threaten the wife with talaaq (divorce), and then finally, give her one talaaq if she does not refrain from beating him.

It is a major sin for the wife to lift her hands on the husband. Allah becomes displeased with her and if she dies without gaining the husband’s forgiveness, she dies under the curse of Allah.

But the husband should exercise restraint. He should not hit back unless the wife’s attack is so severe that he needs to save himself from serious harm.

Then he may use minimum force.

Allah make it easy for both parties and bring about harmony in the marriage.

Mufti Siraj Desai

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