I had a dream about a a brother, he wore my sandaletts although I warned him that they are too small for him but he fit into them and walked in them .What does this dream mean?

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Dear Imam please help me insh´allah , I had very bad times and astrayed almost from the path of Allah ,in hope of mercy I started a prayer to Allah to to save my soul and he send me someone who helped me alhamdulillah back on the track of Islam. I really took him as send by Allah and he regarded it as such too and it was as if we had found the other half of our souls. After guding me to Islam he suggested me marriage I however still confused hesitated. He falsely took this as an expression of dislike and avoids me now: He has erased every memory of me and is interested in an other girl. Having no other choice I was about to overcome and to “forget” him too. But this dream reminded me of him again . My dream: he came to take me with him (for marriage).I had shoes of mine, (brown sandaletts) and he tried to wear them, I said my feet are little and yours are so big , you can´t wear them and then he showed me his feet and said “see my feet are not as big as you think” and despite in real life they are big they looked smaller , while still not as small as mine and therefore I doubted that he would fit into my shoes but he did, he wore them and they fitted. Somehow this confused me and he walked around with those heeled women sandalettes. I know Allah knows the best,what does this dream mean? It made me hope for something that seems hopeless, help me please. Jazak Allah khair. Salam Khadijah M.


Sister, I would like to point out to you that you should not pay too much attention to your dream. You shared some part of your past with this young man and he “erased’ you from his mind as you yourself say. In fact, he found himself another girl so this should clearly tell you that you do not form part of his life anymore. I think you are still young so it is better that you plan on your futire in a more constructive way.

Alhamdoelillah, You state that you had previously strayed from the Right path but Almighty Allah Ta’ala saved you from wrong and you have returned to being more aware of your duties as a Muslim woman. Please turn to Allah Ta’ala and ask Him to send you a worthy and suitable partner in marriage. Dating only brings pain and disappointment. We are clearly guided against having boyfriend/girlfriend relationships as these often turn out to be temporary and insincere flirtations. It leaves you with lots of pain and grief and as you say, ‘hoping for the hopeless’. You are precious to Allah Ta’ala. Remember, He will be for you what your expectations are of Him. Strive in His path and ask from only Him. Do be punctual in all your salaah, recite the Quran daily, make plenty of zikr and recite darood shareef abundantly. Add to this your sincere duas and direct your pleas to your Creator for all your needs. May Allah Ta’ala grant you a worthy, sincere and pious partner in marriage soon, ameen.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best



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