What is the Islamic view on the concept of LUCK? Can one wish someone ‘Good Luck’ or ‘Best of Luck’? As a Muslim can I believe in “Nahoosat” or ‘Bad Luck’?

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* What’s the Islamic alternative to wishing ?Best of Luck?? It almost seems like one is crediting something other than Allah s.w.t. for something good, and blaming something else for anything bad that happens.


There are two aspects here. The first part is to verbally greet someone with
‘best of luck’ or ‘good luck’, etc.

If this is said to somebody about to participate in something permissible
and within the limits of Shari’ah, e.g. examination, race, etc. then it will
be permissible provided that one does not have the belief it is because of
his good luck wishing that the person will be successful. Words like ‘best
of luck’ and ‘good luck’ may be used for non-Muslims with the intention of
winning their hearts as an invitation towards Islam. Alternatively, for
Muslims, one should abstain from these words and rather say, ‘May Allah Ta’
ala make you successful’.

The second aspect is with regards to belief in luck. In Islam, there is no
such a thing as ‘superstition’. Therefore, it will be incorrect for a person
to believe in luck and superstition. To have this belief that something bad
or good happens because of some superstition or luck is incorrect.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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