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Is minor nose Cartilage surgery permissible?

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I have a problem in the sense that my nose is very round, big and slightly bent to the left. Due to this appearance I lack confidence in the sense I feel everyone is looking at me and thinking ‘what an ugly sight it is, i too feel that it is very repulsive and is a distraction to others and myself when i am dealing in my day to day business. In this circumstance, i would like to know if it is possible for me to see a plastic surgeon to carry out minor corrective surgery ie . I would like to know if shariah will allow me to do this. Because it will help me a lot to face people.


It is not permissible to undergo a nose cartilage surgery if you do not have
a breathing difficulty. The nose being round, big and being to the left is
no Shar’ee grounds for the surgery. There is no need for you to lack
confidence due to that.

Your appearance is natural like the appearance of any person. It is a well
known fact that every person is different with a different form and shape.
Your lack of confidence is probably due to your assumption that people are
concentrating on your nose. That is not the case. Be thankful to Allah that
you have a nose and can easily breath. There are people who don’t have
noses, just nostrils. There are people who have normal noses but have
difficulty in breathing, they have to breath through their mouths causing
lack of sleep, etc. They cherish having a normal breathing cycle. Don’t
assume people are looking and concentrating on you, thus, causing you a
psychological imbalance. Build your confidence and don’t bother about people
‘s baseless opinions about you.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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