How many Sunnats do we have to pray when offering qasr prayers – Do we have to pay Zakat on the amount of money that we get from a ‘committee’?

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1.How many Sunnats do we have to pray when offering one’s qasr prayers (Please tell me of all 5 prayers). My Father says that we do not have to pray 4 Sunnahs in Duhr. Please tell me the exact number of rakats (Sunnah & Fard) for a qasr namaz. And also tell me, if we are traveling out of our city, for how many days should we say our qasr prayers? What if the trip is for more than 10 days, don’t we have to say our full prayers then? And one last thing regarding qasr prayers? I have a house in Lahore (I live in Faisalabad), so when I visit Lahore, do I still say qasr prayers. [What if the house is the property of one’s father and not their own but as he/she is dependant on his/her father, then what’s the ruling about qasr]. 2.Do we have to pay Zakat on the amount of money that we get from a ‘committee’? [Committee is when a specific number of people (x number of people) give equal amount of money for the duration of specified number of months (y number of months) and each gets all the money collected in 1 month by turn. For example, 10 people pay Rs. 5000 for the duration of 10 months and therefore each receives Rs. 50,000 one month (when it’s his/her turn)]. Do we have to pay Zakat on that Rs. 50,000 if the ‘committee’ is for less than a year’s time? And what if the ‘committee’ exceeds one year (e.g. 15 months). Kindly let me know about this.


1. The condition of a traveller may be categorized into two; a) Not in a
hurry to reach his destination, b) In a hurry to reach his destination.
If one is not in a hurry, it is advisable for him to perform the Sunnats
before and after the Salaats. (Shaami vol.2 pg.131; HM Saeed). Kindly refer
2. If a person intends to remain at a place for 15 days or more, he will not
be considered a Musaafir (traveler), hence, he has to perform his complete
Salaat. (Hidaaya vol.1 pg.166; Shirka Ilmiyyah). If he intends to stay
lesser than fifteen days, he will be categorized as a traveler and have to
make Qasr.
3. If you intend to stay in Lahore for lesser than 15 days, then you should
make Qasr Salaat.
4. In principle, for Zakaat to become obligatory upon an individual the
wealth (i.e. which amount of Nisaab) should be in his possession for at
least one entire lunar year. (Hidaaya vol.1 pg.184; Shirka Ilmiyya). After
receiving the R 50,000, you do not have to pay Zakaat because one entire
year has not passed. Obviously, the other conditions of Zakaat must also be
fulfilled in order for the Zakaat to be due and payable.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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