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Please provide the history behind the book, Manzil, as to how it came into existence and the criteria used to select the Qur’aanic verses therein.

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‘All praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon His messenger’.

The aayaat (verses) of the Qur’aan compiled hereunder are generally known as
‘Manzil” in our family. The elders in our family were particularly punctual
in reciting this ‘Manzil’ from amongst other duaas and formulas for
protection and cure. It was customary to make special arrangements for the
children of the family to commit this ‘Manzil’ to memory.

Undoubtedly the aayaat of the Our’aan and those duaas that are mentioned in
the Ahaadith are more effective and beneficial than the wearing of a
Ta’weez. In the formula of these amaliyaat (reciting of certain ayaat and
duaas for a particular purpose) preference must be given to the Qur’aan and
Ahaadith. The Noble Leader of the Ambiya A.S., Muhammad S.A.W., has taught
us a duaa for every occasion of our Deeni (religious) and Dunyawi (worldly)
needs. In the experience of the Mashaa’ikh the reciting of certain aayaat
and duaas for particular purposes has also been proven to be successful.

The reading of the ‘Manzil’ has been confirmed to be extremely effective for
protection against the evil influence of Jinn, Sihr (witchcraft, sorcery,
etc.), and other evils. These aayaat of the Qur’aan have also been mentioned
with a slight variation in the number of aayaat, in the books ‘Al Qowlul
Jameel’ and the ‘Beheshti Zewir. Shah Waliullah Muhaddith Deh’lawi R.A.,
writes in his book “Al Qowlul Jameel” that there are these thirty three
aayaat which ward off the effects of Sihr (witchcraft), and that they are a
protection against the Shayaateen (devils), thieves and harmful wild beasts.

In ‘Beheshti Zewir’ Hadhrat Moulana Asharf Ali Thanwi R.A., writes that if
one suspects anyone to be afflicted by the evil effects of the Jinn then
these aayaat should be written and made up as a Ta’weez, then hung on the
victims neck, so that the Ta’weez be inplace of a pendant, near the heart.
These aayaat should be read and infused into the water by blowing thereon,
and subsequently sprinkled onto the victim. If the ill effect is in a house
then this water may be sprinkled inside and outside the four corners of the

Whenever womenfolk of our household suggested the reading of these aayaat to
a victim, they had to either indicate these verses in the respective books
or write them down. Therefore it was felt that it would simplify this task
if these aayaat were printed separately. It should be considered, and borne
in mind that the effectiveness of the recital of these aayaat and duaas as a
formula for specific purposes depends on the sincerity, undisturbed and
earnest devotion of the reader. The effectiveness of the response to duaas
is relative to the determination of ones conviction and the depth of ones
sincerity with which duaas are made. Allahs names and His true and holy word
hold great Barakaat, (unseen blessings, benefits and advantages of abundant
value from Allah).

‘And Allah is the One who grants strength to comply and adhere, (to His will
and command)’.

Muhammad Tal’ha Kandahlavi.
23 Shabaan, 1399, Hijri

Translated; Rabi 11, 1401 March, 1981

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