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I am having problems with my marriage & iman, please help & advise me.

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I stop & start praying, my wife tells me to be good but I ignore her. My iman goes up & down. I argue with my wife over silly things. I have even shaved my beard off now. I want to sort myself out. Are there duas or anything I can do to rectify my & remove the evil within?


May Allah Ta’ala grant you and your wife love, compassion and happiness.

Happiness between the spouses will be inculcated if they do not go by the
strict rule, ‘My rights’. Rather, happiness is inculcated through Ihsaan and
Khidmat. If every person goes out of his/her way to fulfil the rights of the
other, instead of demanding his/her own rights, that will enhance love and

Easy step to reform: Immediately repent. If time permits, take a Ghusl
(bath). Dawn one’s best clothes, apply Itr then perform two Rakaats Salaat
al-Tawbah. Turn to Allah, cry, repent over your sins. Make a firm intention
that from now on, I will start keeping a beard, never will I shave it off.
Turn a new leaf, ask of Allah Ta’ala’s assistance. Allah willing, you will

The easiest way to gain the required courage to abstain from sins, to
practice good deeds and to develop strong Imaan is to befriend the friends
of Allah and stay in their company.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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