I want to get married to a muslim girl but her parnets won’t let her. They want some else for her.

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I have been with this girl for 17 months, we have spent nights together. I know what we did is wronge and i would like to get married to her. But she is affraid that if we did get married her parents would have nothing to do with her. Please advice me further. Salam


Before answering your query, we advise you to immediately severe every type
of relationship with the girl. Adultery invites the anger and wrath of
Allah. You and the girl should exercise restraint and sincerely repent to
Allah. One can never attain peace and happiness while violating the orders
of Allah. It is the month of Ramaddan and an ideal opportunity to repent and
change your vision and approach to life. As regards to marrying the girl,
the blessings of her parents is important for her personal peace and
happiness. She should discuss the matter with her parents and openly explain
her feelings towards you. She and her parents should make Istikhara (seek
divine guidance) as well as make Mashura (consult) responsible people in
making a decision. You should also do the same. The girl should apply wisdom
and diplomacy in conveying to her parents the Islamic procedure of Istikhara
and Mashura in making a decision.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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