Can women be leaders in islam? If not can you give me the hadiths which backs it

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Allah Ta’ala says in the noble Qur’aan, ‘Men are protectors of woman because
Allah Ta’ala has given them more strength and because they support them from
their means.’ (Nisaa AAYAT34)

In this case, the word, ‘protectors’ refers to one who stands firm in
protecting other’s interests, looks after his affairs, business, etc. The
commentators of the noble Qur’aan have written under the abovementioned
verse that Allah Ta’ala has chosen men and has given them virtue over women.
Whilst men have many responsibilities to take care of, females also have
responsibilities. The responsibility of men having authority over women is
not confined to only religious matters, but it is general and refers to any
matter, be it religious, political or with regard to any department, council
or organization. This authority for the male over the female does not
belittle the status of woman in the least bit.

To make us understand, the example of a male and female is like that of the
head and the hand. Whilst the male being the head if the most important part
of the body and holds the most amount of respect and authority, this in on
way whatsoever proves that the hand (woman) is useless and has no status in
the body. The matter about woman having more capabilities than men does not
hold much weight since the basis for the authority of men over women is not
capabilities, intelligence, wealth or any other material entity which can be

The commentators have clearly stated that the virtue and authority that has
been given to men is on the basis of their species, i.e. because they are
men. Hence, it is a great possibility that there are many women who have
great potential, intelligence and wealth and seem to be more worthy for
leadership. However, Allah Ta’ala has, in his infinite mercy and wisdom,
stipulated this position for men on the basis of them being men even though
they may at time lack in capabilities and expertise as compared to women.
(Ma’ariful Qur’aan vol.2 pg.396; Deoband)

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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