1) Do you have to cover your head when going to the toilet and can you use a topee which you will use in salat?

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(2)i have been practising recently and before,i hardly had wet dreams,but know they are very frequent.Is this a sign of hypocrisy,because i fear hypocrisy very much (3)How does one make bay’at to someone (4)I was hit by a car and was told by a mufti that it was okay to claim compensation even though the money will be from insurance.i dont have any insurance though.Is this still permissible?WASALAM.MAY ALLAH REWARD YOU FOR YOUR EFFORTS.


1. It is Sunnah to cover the head when going to the toilet. One may use the
same Topi used for Salaat.
2. Wet dreams are not a sign of hypocrisy. There are many factors that can
cause an increase in wet dreams. Some factors are psychological, e.g. diet,
etc. and some factors are spiritual, e.g. not guarding the gaze. Make
endervour to practise on the Shari’ah and Sunnah and thereafter do not be
bothered by an increase in wet dreams.
3. Bay’at means to take a pledge of allegiance. This is generally undertaken
by placing one’s hands in the hands of the one on which one is taking Bay’at
and reciting the words of allegiance. In the case of Bay’at of Tariqah (Bay’
at at the hands of a spiritual guide), it is essential to first establish a
Munaasabat (congeniality) with the Shaykh and one must have absolute
confidence in him. Then only will there be true benefit in the Bay’at.
4. One may claim from the one who has done you harm. Even if the person
acquires the claimed amount from his insurance company, it will be
permissible for you to accept it.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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